Image by Scott Webb

Improving Nasal Sensitivity

Many users of b-MOLA air purifiers indicated that the symptoms of nasal allergies had been significantly improved; some even stated that the symptoms disappeared completely.

According to data from the Hong Kong Allergy Association, one in every four people suffers from nasal allergy. If the air quality at home is low, symptoms of nasal allergy could be worsened. The b-MOLA air purifier using NCCO oxygen polymerization technology can effectively deal with harmful pollutants in the air and help patients control symptoms. 

one in every four people suffers from nasal allergy

Household dust, pollen, and animal hair may induce nasal allergies. It may even be worsened by chemicals such as cosmetics, camphor, and insecticides. On the other hand, dirty air and weather changes such as an increase in humidity may cause the onset or worsening of nasal allergy.

NCCO decomposes toxic VOCs

The b-MOLA air purifiers adopt a 5-layer air filtration system. The first layer - the prefilter filters large pollutants such as hair and dust. The second layer - the electrostatic filter blocks large particles. The third layer - the medical (HEPA) filter layer blocks pollens, suspended particles such as PM2.5, PM10, bacteria, and viruses in the air.

The fourth and fifth layers are the Active Oxygen Generator (AOG) and the NCCO (Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation) reaction layer, the core of our entire air purification technology. Combining the two can kill bacteria and viruses in all directions, effectively decomposing pollutants such as active organic compounds in the air, helping patients with nasal allergy relieve their symptoms.