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Connect to b-MOLA App

Method 1

Operating Steps

1: Register as a b-MOLA user;

2: Log-in to your account;

3: Add your b-MOLA air purifier device by clicking "Add";

4: Reset wifi connection on the b-MOLA device. Your current wifi ssid will be recognized on the APP and the wifi password will be required for connection;

(Note: Please ensure that the wifi is in a 2.4G network since a non-2.4G network will not connect to the device. If you changed your wifi, please return to the previous page and click "Add" device again)

5: The wifi and the device are successfully connected, the wifi indicator on the machine will be switched on;

Method 2

1) Turn the air purifier into SoftAP Mode

- Turn off the machine, but keep the power cord connected to power.

- long press "ECO + Up" keys for 5 sec.

  *Eco is the leaf icon button / Up: Air Speed Increase button

Then you will hear a sound. And the WiFi icon light on the purifier will be blinking (for 3mins)

Now the machine should be in the SoftAP mode

You have 3 mins to finish the steps below.


2) Connect your phone to the SoftAP

- now on your phone's WiFi setting screen, look for a new WiFi (SSID) called "iotWifiAp"

- connect to it with this *password:


(*It may not require the password for certain models)


3) Setup it on your phone

- on your phone's browser, enter this address: 

- then you will see a special webpage asking you for your home (or the intented) *WiFi setting

- Input your home (or the intented) *WiFi name and password

- input “1” in the field “Mode”

- hit “Submit”

Now, wait for a while, if all the Wifi info have been input correctly, the Wifi icon on the purifier should stop blinking.

The machine will be in the “Off” state.

  • Now, turn on the machine again.

  • The Wifi icon should be static.

*The home (or intented) WiFi network must support 2.4Ghz WiFi. 5Ghz WiFi is not supported.

4) Back to your phone and App

- Now the SoftAP wifl “iotWifiAp” should disappear from the air

- Now connect your phone back to your home WiFi

- Launch the b-Mola App and login

- tap “Add” to go through the machine adding process


If your home’s WiFi environment changes in the future, (e.g. you have a new router/WiFi password changes…etc.) you may have to go through the above setup process again.

When this is necessary, please reset the WiFi connection on the purifier.

Please refer to your purifier’s manual or Quick Guide for Wifi Resetting procedure for your specific model.