Portable Air Purifier


The Most Advanced Portable Air Purifier


Lightweight, leather carrying handle, and a robust internal battery 



is a Medical Grade air purifier

b-MOLA Air Purifier kills bacteria and viruses, sanitises the air you breathe, and removes VOCs, allergens, dust, smoke, and even pet hair for a germ-free, clean, and odourless environment.

Active Oxygen Generator


The first air purifier equipped with a safe active oxygen generator (AOG), the b-MOLA Go can kill 99.7% of all bacteria and viruses by adsorbing them into the HEPA filter. Unlike traditional UV-C and OZONE air purifiers, active oxygen is safe and can be decomposed by NCCO filters; causing no harm to humans.

This technology has been used to protect people from infections in hospitals.

     NCCO Reactor

(Nano  Confined Catalytic Oxidation)

ncco reactor 1.gif
ncco reactior pics 2.jpg

NCCO is short for Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation. Instead of absorbing the chemical pollutants like traditional air purification technology, NCCO sanitizes up to 99.97% of harmful air and smells. Instantly destroy any room odor and air pollutants with b-MOLA with its patented NCCO technology.

d-mola NCCO pics2.jpg

Conventional air purifiers using active charcoal, will only adsorb and will not decompose of the pollutants. Due to such adsorption, they can last about 3 months before they become saturated. The adsorbed pollutants will be released back into the air, causing “secondary pollution,” which can be very harmful to your health. In contrast, NCCO will decompose pollutants and can last up to 12 years before being replaced.

b-mola NCCO pics1.jpg

NCCO is so cost-effective, it is used in many hospitals, banks, metro stations, and other public areas.

Medical Grade HEPA

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To eliminate the solid pollutants in the air such as pollen, dust, and smoke, b-MOLA employs a Medical Grade HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is a highly efficient shield to trap the particles in and only needs to be replaced around once a year.

b-mola hepa pics1jpg.jpg

Put a b-MOLA in any room or car and never worry about allergy season again. With a single HEPA filter, it can capture any allergenic pollen, PM2.5, and smoke for 6 months all the way up to 18 months; the average is 12 months. Just place it in any room or space and let b-Mola take care of the rest.


b-MOLA GO has 3 filtering systems: HEPA filter, Active Oxygen Generator, and NCCO filter. The system can clean 99% of any harmful and unhealthy elements in the air. This is the same structure used in hospital air purification systems.

HEPA can clean solid particulate like dust, mites, cat/dog dander and pollen, while the Active Oxygen Generator kills bacteria and viruses. Lastly, the NCCO filter catalyzes and decomposes any odour, harmful gases, and VOCs. The NCCO Reactor filter can last 12 years.

NCCO1804 expolsive.png
bmola go design 1.jpg

b-Mola GO is designed to be compact and mobile. It’s lightweight, leather carrying handle, and a robust internal battery that can last up to 8 hours of continuous use. When it does run out of power, just charge it via outlet or with a portable power bank when you’re on-the-go.


For your daily and long-term use, we built a silent fan in b-MOLA GO. The noise in silent mode is only 34 dB, get uninterrupted sleep while it runs in the background. It even has an auto power off setting to save power and make it eco-friendly.



The Smoke Purification Testing

We used PH smoke pellets to generate smoke. One of these small pellets can last over 40 seconds; making the smoke hard to dissipate. b-MOLA can clean the smoke instantly, which proves it has the capability to clean any solid pollutants such as smoke, dust, pollen, mites, or PM2.5.

The VOC Purification Test

We used acetone[1] to test the ability to purify VOC. After we dropped the acetone in the beaker, it started to volatilize in the box and the VOC concentration indicated a drastic increase. In the end, the data was stable around 170 ppm[2]. When b-MOLA was turned on, almost all the acetone in the box was purified; showcasing the capability of b-MOLA against VOC and other toxic gases.

[1]Acetone (propanone) is the organic compound with the formula (CH3)2CO. It is a colorless, volatile, flammable liquid that is the simplest and smallest ketone.

[2]ppm and ppb are the concentration units. ppm =  parts per million. ppb= parts per billion. 1 ppm = 1000 ppb.

The Sterilization Test

We used two Petri dishes for this testing. One of the Petri dishes was put in the open area while the other was put in a space with the b-MOLA GO. Then we turned on b-MOLA GO and timed what happened.

3 days (72 hours) later, the petri dish in the open area generated visible bacterial colonies, which means an exponential bacterial growth occurred. The petri dish with the b-MOLA GO, however, looked the same as before. It proves b-MOLA GO is effective in killing bacterias and viruses.

b-MOLA Go Specification

Power Consumption(W)1.3W-2.5W
Airflow Volume(m3/h)12-25
Noise Level(dB)34-38
Product Dimension(L x W x H)mm
160(L) x 160(W) x 88(H)
Net Weight(kg)0.88
Air Treatment Stages :
Stage I - Active Oxygen Generator
Stage II - HEPA Filter
Stage III - NCCO Reactor